Witches Jewellery is an important and special asset to a witch and they wear their pendants and pentagrams proudly. Most witches adorn themselves with a pentagram that is very sacred to them and a sign of their craft.

The pentagram is a five pointed star and the most notable sign linked to witchcraft, it is worn with the top point pointing upwards which symbolises the creative power and positivity. The five points symbolise the four elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, the fifth point symbolises the human spirit.

It is suggested that those who wear the pentagram with the point facing downwards maybe seeking darker associations and black magic. It is up to those who wear their pentagrams how they use it and thus wear and project the sign.

Most Wiccans teach themselves how to trace the pentagram in the air with their finger for magical work and ritual purposes. It also helps to invoke the four elements by drawing it in the air whilst in circle.

The pentagram can be worn as a ring or as a pendant on a chain or leather thronging; also can be found inscribed on a disk that adorns the witches altar, or decorated on an alter cloth, or etched into the Book Of Shadows. Some Wiccans may have a tattoo of the pentagram on their body.

Another item you may find in the witches jewellery box may be the Egyptian symbol of the Ankh. The Ankh is a T- shaped symbol with an oval shaped loop on top of it. It was a very powerful symbol in Ancient Egypt and may go back to times before Ancient Egypt. It is the sign of life, suggesting the loop part is the feminine sign and the T shape is the masculine sign which linked together bring about human existence and life. It is sometimes used as an initiation symbol and many witches wear an Ankh or have a tattoo of one.

The witches jewellery collection will usually contain a ring, earrings or pendant containing the crystal Amber, a golden collection of solidified tree resin from hundreds of thousands of years ago. Amber isn’t really classified as a crystal as it is a resin and can quite often have the remnants of dead insects within the solid resin. In saying that tho, it is highly sourced and treasured among Wiccans as a precious gem to wear and own and it can be quite expensive to purchase. It is usually set in sterling silver which makes the amber stand out with the shine of the silver, they really complement one another.

These are just three of the main things in the witches jewellery collection and most witches will have all three and treasure them as personal adornments. Some Wiccans wear their pentagrams for everyone to see whilst others prefer to keep them beneath clothing to avoid unwanted and sometimes unwarranted glances from those who do not understand the significance of the pendant or choose to believe it stands for something bad.

Those of us who do wear them know and believe in the sacred significance of our craft and hope that one day more of the human race comes to understand that Wicca is a wonderful, free and wholesome religious lifestyle of choice.

Blessed Be…..