Witchcraft Handy Hints is a list of things that may help you in your magical workings, especially if you are new to the Craft.

  • Always consider casting a protective circle when casting spells, rituals, raising power, communing with the Goddess/God aspects and channelling power.
  • Do not perform magic/spells when you are unwell, energy drained, suffering from trauma of any sort, when under the influence of drugs or alcohol, feeling angry/resentful, or extremely tired.
  • Always work by the Wiccan Rule: Do what thou will, so long as you harm none. There are different versions of the Wiccan Rule/Law/Rede.
  • Work your spells, rituals, magic around the phases of the Moon, The New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon, Waning Moon and Dark Of The Moon all can intensify the power of your spell-casting and rituals.
  • Do not use Witchcraft against anothers free-will.
  • Never delve into black magic or hexing or revenge spells…… (remember the Wiccan Rule)
  • Uphold the sacred traditions of Witchcraft, always protect the identity of your fellow Witches and covens.
  • Respect the Goddess, Universe, Mother Earth & all that inhabits her….. all life is sacred and blessed.
  • Always ground yourself after all spell casting/rituals, put out candles/incense, give thanks & close circle.
  • Check which days are best for different spells,  eg: Thursdays are best for money/prosperity spells. Fridays are best for love and relationship spells. Sundays are best for success, career and healing spells.
  • Always respect your work and all you do concerning the craft, it is a very special part of you and your life….

These are just some Witchcraft Handy Hints that will help you along your path in the beautiful life that is the Craft.

Goddess Blessings to you…..

Blessed Be…….