The Witch’s Toolbox comprises of many things, some things are everyday items and some are mainly used for spell craft, magical work and healing work. Essential oils and herbs can be used on a daily basis, being utilised in an oil burner for relaxation, revitalisation, meditation, aura clearing, chakra balancing, reiki and much more. The burning of herbs mixed with essential oils on a charcoal disc can help with magical work, clearing the conscious mind, healing work and are very good to relax those who suffer from anxiety and stress. Most witches’ will burn herbs during ritual work, circle casting, and spell casting to heighten their senses. Another important tool to the witch is the Athame (Ath-ee-ma); this is a knife that resembles a dagger which must be blunt and used only as a magical instrument and never used to cut or stab anything, ever. The Athame is aligned with the direction of the East and the element of Air and used to direct concentration and inner power. Some Wiccan traditions associate the Athame with the element of Fire, so it really is up to the individual witch to decide what suits them best. During magical work the Athame may be used to cast circle, draw a pentagram in the air, direct power and cast spells at the witches Altar. It should always be kept out of inquisitive hands and the hands of children. It is a personal instrument meant only for the work and personal use of the witch. The Witches Toolbox may also have a Wand, usually made out of willow, and used for inspiration, invocation and to conjure effective energy. The Wand relates to the direction of South and the element of Fire. The Wand has been the source of power for the fairy story book witches like the good witch in Cinderella! The Pentacle will usually be found amongst the witches ritual tools as well; associated with the element of Earth and the direction of North. The Pentagram is a disk that can be made from wood, pottery or ceramics and has the Pentagram (five pointed star) carved into it. The Pentacle usually remains on the Altar and may be a place to rest the Athame, Wand or ritual crystals like Amethyst or Smoky Quartz upon. Incense is utilised quite extensively in everyday work and ritual work; it can be any incense that you desire although some spells do require certain types of incense. Incense is usually burnt throughout circle workings and is associated with the element of Air. Witches use candles in their workings; different coloured candles may be associated with different workings, healings and spells. Candles are connected to the direction of South and the element of Fire. Also found in the witch’s toolbox is the cauldron; and yes I know that conjures up all sorts of thoughts in one’s mind of eye of nute, frogs legs, cats claws and hairy spiders legs, but trust me it’s not about that! That is the stuff of fairy tales! The Cauldron is associated with the West and the element of Water, and it can be anything from a deep bowl to an actual 3 legged store brought cast iron Cauldron. It represents the womb and the female’s ability to give life. The cauldron can be used to mix brews (herbs etc) for magical work and spells, for scrying and ritual transformation and regeneration.