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The Wiccan Sabbats are also referred to as the Wiccan wheel of the year; these are the eight festivals that witches celebrate. They are happy and joyous events that can be celebrated in a gathering or as a solitary; most covens get together to celebrate each Sabbat as it comes due.

The Sabbat of Samhain (or Halloween) as most people recognize it, is a fun and happy time for children, but can be a spooky time for others as it is the time when spirits and ghosts may be present and felt.

Yule on the other hand is the festive season, the winter solstice which is three days before Christmas (in the Northern Hemisphere).

The other six Sabbats are Imbolc, Eostar, Beltane, Midsummer, Lammas and the Autumn Equinox; all these are recognized and celebrated at their various times of the year. Depending whether you are living in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere as to when each Sabbat falls.

Smaller celebrations are known as Esbats, these are The Full Moon celebration and are very special as they are a time to express all magic; exception to that is banishing spells which should be performed when the moon is waning.

An Esbat is the celebration of the Goddess, expressed in the silver illumination of the Full Moon; it is used to promote magical power and spells, it enhances psychic awareness and renewal. It is a time of dancing, rituals, raising magical power and directing to where you require it to be and to bring things or wishes to fruition.

All of this is a large part of witchcraft for some followers but not all feel it necessary to celebrate all Sabbats and Esbats, but most witches align themselves with some part of it even if it is just going out under the Full moon for a few minutes to reflect or commune with the Goddess.

In the following pages I will endeavor to explain the eight Sabbats in simple detail and how you can celebrate them yourself. Also I will go into a subject close to my heart, Moon Worship and dedication to the Goddess. The phases of the Moon are not only essential to the earth and the oceans tides but to Wiccans around the world.

Most people are unaware of the way The Wiccan Sabbats and the phases of the Moon are celebrated, but it has be done for hundreds of years and is an iatrical part of the life of a witch.

Blessed Be…..