A Seduction Spell can be very powerful and as sensual as you want it to be, this is entirely up to you….. Choose the night of the Full Moon to cast this spell as it requires the power of the Full Moon behind it and there is something very seductive about a beautiful Full Moon lit night.

Have a long lavish bath (or shower if you prefer), dry off and dress in something that is seductive to you, but remember you are going out under the Moon, so think of your privacy….

Spritz yourself with your most sensual perfume and take outside with you a red lit candle and a highly perfumed flower of your choice (a rose is always a winner, but lilies are beautiful too).

Sit, stand, walk or dance under the light of the Moon and think about your own sensual feelings, the more you think about it, the more your seductive energy should rise……

You may wish to say something like:

  • “Light the flame, light the fire”
  • “A rose is red, and so is my desire”
  • “I feel the heat, I feel the lust”
  • “Bring to me, a love I can trust.”

Repeat 3 times, with more intensity each time and then take a deep breath and release the power within you. Then do what ever you want to, sit under the Moon, dance, what ever you want, use your intuition and enjoy.

Always ensure your safety when ever doing a Seduction Spell and take responsibility for what you put out to the Universe.

Goddess Blessings…..