A Fast Money Spell is for someone that finds themselves genuinely in dire straights and needs small amounts of quick funds. As impressed before, your needs must be really honest and genuine if this spell is to work.

This spell requires the following;

  • Three green candles
  • Strong smelling incense like Dragons Blood, Francincense, or Sandlewood.
  • Seven drops of Patchouli oil
  • Three drops of Cedarwood oil
  • Three drops of Sandlewood oil (this is an expensive oil, so you can use Bergamot oil instead)
  • Two drops of Orange oil
  • Two drops of Ginger (or cooking ginger herb, sprinkle it in with other oils and mix well)

Perform this spell on a Thursday if possible, if its urgent then it doesn’t matter, your trust and belief in what your doing gives it potency. Blend oils together and rub a small amount around the middle of the three candles, thinking the whole time on what you need the money for and how much you need. You can also anoint three silver or gold coins and place one coin in-front of each candle.

Please note: Do not get the oils in your eyes, wash your hands properly after your spell is done.

Ensure you place candles and coins somewhere that they will not be disturbed or picked up by anyone (especially children, the oils may make them sick) You can perform this spell in circle or not, its up to you.

Go to your candles and coins for the next three nights, anoint your hands with the left over oil each night and meditate on your Fast Money Spell each night. Wash your hands after-wards.

You can have the candles lit for a short time each night, but only for a short time as they have oil on them. NEVER leave any lit candles or incense unattended.

Trust and believe in what you have performed, hopefully it will come your way.

Good luck and Blessings…..