love-spellsSpells mean different things to different people; some take the word quite literally as in the conducting of an actual magical spell and some use it loosely as in `I am under their spell.’

I remember years ago saying to a good friend of mine that I love a good spell and her reply was “what, a good spell? You mean you need a good spell,……. (as in a rest)…….don’t you?” I laughed and she looked at me bemused. In her defence, she did not know I was studying white witchcraft, so I figured it was time to tell her what I was up to!

Spells can be something from the very minimal to the very elaborate. An advanced Wiccan witch can perfect a spell with minimal ingredients and props, purely because they are so aware and in tune with their purpose and intention. They are quite strong in their convictions and beliefs that the spell is in the working whilst it is still in their mind……… this lends itself to strong mind power and soul mind; which is purely the potency of one’s own conscious mind.

Most people are of the belief that spells are just hocus pocus and for some I guess that is true, but a well constructed and executed spell can and does work; I have done some over the years and trust me……. it can,( in hindsight) be a case of, be careful what you wish for as you may just get it! I had a bit of a desperate situation about 12 years ago that I wanted a solution to, so I put a spell into action resulting in me receiving more than I had bargained for! This was due to my highly emotional state at the time……. my spell worked, but ultimately I suffered the long term consequences.

The most important ingredient in spells is your intention and promoting your personal power in that intention; also believing and trusting in what you are doing. Your spell can be performed for anything so long as you abide by the Wiccan Law which is “Do what thou will, so long as thou bring no harm to none.” There are many variations in the wording of this law but all mean exactly the same thing, you do not harm anyone or anything, ever……

Many different herbs, powders, gums, resins and oils etc will give the spell its longevity, potency and activation. There are spells for money, love, health, prosperity, business, friendship, protection and the list goes on; You can pretty much concoct a spell for anything, it comes down to how vast your imagination is and what you are prepared to try!

I find the best spells are the ones you conjure up yourself, as you can blend your own ingredients, oils etc together and put the power of your intention behind it. There is nothing quite as potent as the passion within you, just be aware of the Wiccan Law and keep your intention pure, but in saying that, there is nothing wrong with following a spell out of a book, especially if you are new to witchcraft, this will give you confidence that you are getting it right. Be sure that the spell books you utilize are good ones that follow the Wiccan Law, use your intuition and don’t perform any spell that doesn’t feel right. Do not perform spells when you are upset, angry or in the wrong frame of mind as this is when they can backfire.

Trust in yourself and the Universe that what you put “out there” will come to fruition and that your spells are for the highest good. Always end your spell work with the words “For the Good of All, So Mote It Be.”    Blessed Be……