Moon Magic is linked to each phase of the moon and thus specific spells, rituals and magical workings. The gravitational pull and energy of the moon is under-estimated by most people, but Wiccans understand Her power and harness it for their magical work.

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The 1st phase of the moon is called The New Moon and presents as a thin slither of an arc in the early night sky. This is also known as the Maiden phase, the new birth of delicate moon energy. This is the time to cast spells that will require time to grow to fruition, it is also a good time to sit and meditate on what you need/desire in the new moon cycle. Meditation can be a ritual in itself, just simply cast circle, light a pure white candle and a sandlewood incense stick and sit, breath slowly and think about what you desire/require. Ask the Goddess for her help and blessing.

The 2nd phase is the Waxing Moon and with this phase the moons energy and power intensifies as each night passes leading up to the Full Moon. At this time you can cast any spell that is positive and constructive. So at this time, the spells cast at New Moon are gaining strength and spells cast around the Waxing Moon are more full in nature and don’t require as much time to fulfil.

The 3rd phase is the Full Moon and this is the most powerful phase of the lunar cycle and known by Wiccans/Witches as the Mother phase, and also a time to celebrate the Esbats. As the Mother, the moon is full,ripe and powerful. This is the time to bring spells to fruition and also to perform spells that require to be propelled with the full force of the Full Moon.

Casting circle, calling in the Guardians and the Goddess, getting dressed up in your favourite Wiccan outfit and jewellery can add to the power of your Moon Magic. Spells that you require to come to fruition fully and quickly are best cast at this time…….. please note, be careful what you cast at this phase of the moon as the energy is strong and some spells can back fire, especially if your very emotional or angry.

The 4th phase is the Waning Moon, it is the period between the Full Moon and the Dark of the Moon. This is when the lunar energy is being drawn back from the earth and is the best time for banishing spells, rituals for release, tying up loose ends and finality.

These spells can be to release negative energy, issues or people from your energy/life……… always do this in a gentle, level-headed way, not with any anger, resentment, malice or judgement.

The 5th phase is the Dark of the Moon and known as The Crone stage (the old woman). All spells and rituals should cease at this time as it is the time for reflection and meditation. The moon is not visible to us at this time, but still carries much energy/power and there are some who will/do harness this power to cast dark spells, curses and hexes.

PLEASE NOTE: there only a handful of witches that participate in dark spell-casting/rituals and they know the risk they are taking, going against the Wiccan three fold law/ and the law of karma. The cause and effect of this will come back three-fold.

Witches/Wiccans that live by the three-fold law never participate in black magic, hexing or curses, even tho sometimes we know there is someone that really deserves it! But the Law of Karma will sort them out!

Always adhere to the three-fold law….. “Do What You Will, So Long As You Hurt None.” Perform your spells/rituals with a clear, kind mind and a calm, pure heart, then your Moon Magic will be wonderful.

The above information is my own findings and it is up to the reader whether or not they take anything from it.

For The Good Of All, So Mote It Be……

Blessed Be…..

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