Casting Circle is something most Wiccans learn how to do, whether it is a full elaborate ceremony or a quick put together affair you rustle up after the evening meal, it will work just as well so long as you have a positive, open mindset and believe in what you are doing.

The circle is the sacred space set aside for a witch to perform magical work, rituals and spells. It is a sphere of protection that keeps the ritual space safe and the energies within it strong and concentrated so they do not dissipate easily. Casting circle gives you the halfway space between this, the everyday world and the spiritual, universal realm.

Most Wiccans when they set up to do their first circle casting think that they have to do a full elaborate setup that you will find described in most good witchcraft books and magazines, but you really don’t have to do it all. With that said, do not be put off at all if you wish to do the whole set up, just know that it can take quite a bit of preparation and many hours of your time. I know wiccans tho that enjoy the full set up and have the time and privacy to do it. They don’t have to worry about someone showing up in the middle of preparation or once they start their magical circle and work.

The most important thing is your desire to do what feels right for you, what fits your needs and suits your surroundings and time frame. The place you decide to do your magical work is of most importance for your personal protection; the last thing you need is for someone to peer over your back fence late at night when you think you’re all alone and see you running around sky clad (naked) drumming up and raising magical power! So always ensure your environment is safe and away from prying eyes.

Every witch has her/his own special way of casting circle and it becomes easier and better with practice. The best time for most magical workings and spells is when the moon is visible in the night sky. Most rituals are performed on the three nights leading up to the full moon, on the night of the full moon (which is very powerful) and the three nights after the full moon. But any night when the new moon is in the sky is suitable for your work to be done.

When the dark side of the moon is upon us then only banishing spells should be preformed and bringing closure to problems or tying up loose ends. This is also the time for reflection, study and to think about what is coming up next in your magical life.

Casting circle is very important for all your rituals and magical work whether it is a full ceremony or a simple circle you cast and bring up around you to do a simple, quick spell. However you decide to do it just remember to take care of yourself first and foremost and enjoy your work.

Blessed Be……