A Purification Ritual is a way of releasing tension, pain and discomfort from the Body, Mind & Spirit. It is also a way to release negative energy.

Run yourself a warm bath with lavender, lemon verbena and rose petals; if you prefer, you can use the same in aromatherapy oils if you do not want to use the plant leaves/petals. Just ensure you will not have an allergic reaction to the plants or oils first.

Ensure your time and privacy so you can enjoy your soak. light a pale blue and pale yellow candle, and slip into your warm bath, relax, breath deeply and let your thoughts go………

Once you feel calm and relaxed, repeat the following affirmation 3 times slowly as you gaze into the flame of your blue candle:

“Release me of all negative attachments and leave with me only that which serves me in the purest light.”

Each time you say the affirmation, take a deep soothing breath and slowly let it out.

If you do not have a bath or prefer not to use the bath, then this ritual can be done with you sitting skyclad (naked) or loosely dressed in front of your Wiccan Alter (if you have one) or outside under the light of the moon.

Use the same ingredients just crush them up together to release the fragrance and breath them in as you say the affirmation, also use the same two candles.

Please ensure your privacy and safety if working outside skyclad……. the last thing you need is a neighbour peering over the fence wondering what your up to!!

Once you have finished a Purification Ritual blow out your candles safely and just relax……..

Goddess Blessings….