Witches and Religion can be a subject that confuses some people, as most people do not assimilate witches as having a religion or that witchcraft may be derived from a religious aspect. In fact Wicca is the religion of witches or as some prefer to be known as Wiccans; just as Catholics belong to the Catholic faith, Wiccans belong to Wicca! If you believe in something Spiritual then you are in some part religious and witches are indeed very spiritual.

The witch’s religion comes with no dogma attached, it is free and unrestricted, and this too can be hard for some to understand as religion and dogma have come down thru the ages hand in hand for hundreds of years. Witches see everything as sacred, the forces of nature, and all life and even that which most do not see as living, like crystals, rocks etc are respected and honoured by a witch. All is to be celebrated and witches feel empathy when a tree is cut down unnecessarily, or when an animal or bird is injured or killed, over the pillaging of our oceans to kill whales, just to give you an example.

Witches and religion do not believe that their way is necessarily the right way or try and impose their beliefs on anyone else; they believe it is right for them and only ask for the same respect as any other religious order. They strongly believe that everyone should have personal choice and freedom when it comes to any religion and that’s part of what makes Wicca easy to adapt to your everyday life; you can worship your own way where and when you like without the fear of judgement.

I have found that most witches and religion have originally came from a Catholic upbringing, and please note this is in no way saying anything against Catholicism, as witches do not frown upon anyone’s religious choice. It just seems that witches, like psychics, come from what may have been a strict religious background. I was brought up in a Catholic school and while I do not dismiss their beliefs I do not hold them as my own and that is mainly due to the controlling dogma attached to the Catholic religion and also the fact that I feel they are not up with the 21st century, but that is purely my opinion.

The belief in the devil is not part of the witch’s belief, the devil is a Christian concept that has no validity and has been bandied around as scapegoat to use as a fear tactic. Someone once said “where there is fear there is control and power,” and one only needs to look back on the Medieval Times and the Burning Times to recognise that! Witches of those times were accused of the devils work and murdered for it, when all they were practising were ways to help and heal others.

Witches and religion do fit together comfortably, they believe in a Source of Power that is divine and not either male or female but a sacred equality of both. They believe that the Goddess aspect is the embodiment of mother earth and if you respect her you will not pollute her. The God aspect is the seed of life. God in other religions is seen as the main power and that all comes from him, witches do not just refer to `He’ as a religious figure, without the Goddess the feminine cannot emerge and it is the Goddess that gives life.

The contempt for femininity over the last 2000 years or so is why the male (or God) aspect has always been more highly regarded and respected therefore obeyed, witches do not see this as being necessary and worship the God and Goddess aspect as equal. This makes witches and religion much more fitting as a dual Divine Source of Power.

Your religion lies within your heart and soul, your sacred space; no-one has the right to judge any-ones religious choice or control what an individual believes in.

May your life be blessed….