Wiccan Witch is a site dedicated to the Earth and Nature religion of the craft known as witchcraft. Contrary to belief witchcraft is not about black magic, spells, hexes, black cats and cauldrons….

Thankfully the majority of mankind are no longer of this belief that was around in the Middle Ages and thus, along with the Christian church of the time, responsible for the horrific in justice of what was known as the ‘Burning Times’, where those tried and found guilty of heresy, magic or witchcraft of any description were drowned, hung or burnt at the stake. This was only to take control over the people and have them do and live as they expected. It is estimated tens of thousands (mainly women) were killed this way.

Wiccan Witch is about the wonderful free religion of the craft that does not dictate rules, rigid dogma or en-slavery of the person who takes up the craft; so long as you abide by the Wiccan Rede – “Do what thou will so long as no harm comes to anyone or anything.” It is aligned with the Law of Karma, so if you live your life by this law then you will have no problem with the Wiccan Rede.

Witchcraft is about your personal growth and being akin with the Earth and all that she is and that which inhabits her. It is about personal expression and the freedom to live your life in harmony with the Earth and the extended Universe. Of course rituals, magic, spells, and healings are involved if you wish, but again it is up to your personal choice, there are many Wiccans and Pagans who do not practice any magic or rituals at all, but still align themselves with witchcraft and `The Old Ways.’

Live wicca & Believe

As you go through Wiccan Witch you will find pages that explain what the Sabbats are, how they work and what you can do to associate yourself with each Sabbat as it comes around; There will be information on Casting Circle and why we do it; easy to understand information on Witchcraft, Wicca, The Craft and Paganism will be available and the ritual of Magic will be explained. There will also be a section on the witch’s tools and jewellery etc.

I will also have pages on the Goddess and God aspect of Wicca and also the respect and reverence we have for nature, the earth and our fellow man. You will find information on Moon worship and what that means to the craft and why rituals are an important part of the witch’s life. Also black magic and hexing will be explained and why we steer away from it.

No witchcraft site would be complete without a spells section for all those who love their spell magic and workings, but there will only be spells for the good, I will not place any negative spells on this site as I do not believe in or work with black magic of any description.

Wiccan Witch is about my personal work and findings of the craft and is written as honestly and accurate as I know. Please take what you wish from it and leave that which does not appeal to you or that which you do not understand. This site is written as an information site only, so please take personal care when undertaking your own rituals or spells.

I hope you enjoy Wiccan Witch and find your life path……

Blessed Be……

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