Wicca is the religion that encompasses the beliefs of the craft of witchcraft and the belief that everything and everyone on earth is sacred and should be respected and protected. It is a religion that gives you the freedom to express your beliefs without judgement or ridicule, so long as you do not bring harm to anyone or anything.

Many see it as an Ancient Religion of The Old Ways as Wicca has survived hundreds of years of persecution and misunderstanding to still rise up from the ashes and have as large a following as Catholicism….. The difference between Wicca and most other religions is the freedom of belief with no controlling dogma or rigid beliefs.

Witchcraft (as it was known) in the Middle Ages was primarily made up of midwives, healers and herbalists that only wanted to give aid to the sick, pregnant and elderly, but the powers of the church hierarchy of those times seen them differently. As there was unrest between the two most powerful churches then, they needed to make a point of power to the masses and so the healers and midwives were used as scapegoats and persecuted as witches.

The dreaded Burning Times where alleged witches were drowned, hung or burnt at the stake stretched over five centuries from the 14th to the 18th Century; Most of the persecution tho took place from 1550 to 1650. It has been long estimated that the death toll (of mainly women) was up to nine million, but we now know that may have been exaggerated and it was more likely 50,000 to 100,000. No matter how many it was, it was unnecessary and could have wiped the religion of Wicca out, thankfully it didn’t and Wicca has survived to become the nature loving belief system it always was…

Wicca incorporates the use and practise of witchcraft but not as it is seen in the movies, it is still about help and healing and this is classified as white witchcraft or white magic. Yes you will find a certain percentage that practise black magic but they are a minority and they know the karma they will be inviting by going against nature and the Wiccan law. There are the renegades in every religious group or following and witchcraft is no different. But commonsense should prevail and if you find yourself linked with black witchcraft then just walk away from the situation and don’t take it any further.

In the following pages I will endeavour to give you information on Wicca and Witchcraft to the best of my ability. I will help you understand about how witches live, practise their religion and healing, perform spells, cast circle, honour the Goddess and God aspect; about Moon worship, what significance the cycles of the moon and the changing seasons have, the Eight Sabbats and what that represents to a Wiccan, reincarnation, the satanic element, the pentagram, the craft, the religion that is Wicca, black magic, white magic, the witch’s altar, crystals, clothes, raising and invoking power, the four elements and much more.

I hope you enjoy what you read on Wicca, please accept what suits you and what you are comfortable with and leave what you’re not comfortable with. My beliefs are my own and I am in no way wishing to convert or change anyone else’s beliefs or views. Thank you for taking the time to read my work on Wicca.

Blessed Be…..