The Craft is what is known as an abbreviation of Witchcraft and that word alone can send people heading for the hills! Those who belong to the craft do not hold this fear of witches against anyone, it is purely that most people have a perception of what witchcraft is or what they think witches are or may represent, thanks to the scary witches of the movies and some television shows…. Medieval Times and the horrendous Burning Times also play a part in the fear perception of witchcraft but thankfully the witches of today are not seen in that ignorant, persecuting light.
The craft is very much on the rise these days as more people see it for what it truly is and what it means to be Wiccan, and that there is nothing to fear from it. Witchcraft is as much a belief system as it is a practice and those who practice the craft know the laws of witchcraft that they must abide by them, always. There will always be the myths, legends and beliefs that will emerge and people will undoubtedly believe what they want to or need to. At the end of the day witches know their own truth and that what they do whether it is in theory or practice is of the purest nature and that they will bring no harm to anyone or anything.
The witches craft is a place of worship, magical workings, herbal healing, prayers to the Goddess, moon worship, peace and goodwill to all living. Some witches believe more strongly than others, but the way they believe or worship is no less or no more than their fellow witch, all have the freedom to do what they feel is best for them so long as the Wiccan Rede is followed.
The craft is no less a religion than any other of the world’s religions it is just not as well recognized due to ignorance and basically not understanding what makes up the religion that is Wicca. Just like Catholics congregate together on Sunday, genuflect and bless themselves for mass at their holy church, Wiccans may gather together on the night of the Full Moon, cast circle to give thanks to their Goddess for their bounty.
No matter what your denomination is or what you choose to believe in, if it is right for you and gives you comfort and protection then that is what matters most, and the witch’s craft offers this to its followers without judgment, control or dogma. It gives and invites freedom of expression without ridicule and offers a safe haven for those who have no beliefs or have been badly scorn by that which they believed was safe.
The craft has been around for as long as witchcraft has survived and will continue to be a representation of the freedom of an individual’s beliefs to be respected and celebrated.
For the good of all, so mote it be.
Blessed Be……