Magic is a subject that can come under a lot of controversy and has done for hundreds of years. Still today with most people being more open minded and not so afraid of the unknown the words spell, magic, occult, witch and witchcraft can make some people twitchy! Yes I said twitchy, not witchy……!
In the New Age work I have been doing for over 15 years I still have the occasional person come up to me and in a whisper say “do you know much about that?” whilst pointing at the pentagram I wear proudly around my throat. I do my best to enlighten anyone that wishes to know information about the craft and Wicca, especially if they are genuine, I do not give any time to those who want to blow smoke….. So to speak.
Magic has been around since the beginning of time; ancient man would look to the sky to see where the water (rain) was coming from when the sun (their heat source) disappeared behind the darkness of the clouds. The crack of lightening would send them running for cover as they seen it strike a tree and cause fire, the rumbling of thunder seem to come from no-where and shook the earth under their bare feet, and soon they came to think that if they did good by `these universal gods’ then this terrifying `magic’ would be kept at bay.
Magic came under terrible scrutiny during `The Burning Times’ and literally went underground to survive several hundred years to be brought to light again during the 1960’s or there about. Most Pagans at the very least believe in magic and many do practice it, usually as solitaries. The word magic is widely misunderstood as the real magic comes from within the practitioner; it is the essence, energy, desire, passion, love you put behind it that makes it works.
Contrary to belief, it is not about old hags hanging around the cauldron, throwing in frog’s legs, spiders, eye of newt etc, etc…. but believe it or not some do believe that all, any magic is black therefore bad and demon like……. sad isn’t it? Then you have the ones who believe it is like `Bewitched or Charmed’ I guess that is kinder and may go a little way to showing people it’s not all bad and can be fun and wholesome.
Magic can be as simple as inscribing the name of a sick friend on a green candle, placing a picture or personal belonging of that person below the candle and lighting it shedding healing light on the photo below and saying a few loving healing words whilst the candle burns.
Magic is standing under the Goddess Full Moon and speaking out to the Universe, putting out there what you need help with, what your fears are, where your future lies, where the Goddess feels your path should be leading to, asking for protection, happiness, love etc. Be honest and humble, do not ask to win lotto, that won’t happen, instead think of something that you truly require financial help with.
It is your intention that makes it work and I can’t say that strongly enough, it really comes down to how strongly you believe in what you are doing and trusting in the power that is larger than us. The power of your personal intention has a big impact on the Universal power. I do most of my work under the full moon and much of what I put out there comes to fruition. Believe in yourself, you have the magic within you; it abides in your heart, soul, mind, essence and being.
Yes there are the practitioners out there, who break the 3 fold law and practice black magic and hexing, but they know what they are getting themselves into and some are prepared to pay the price. Trust me it is not worth it….. I know of a case where the 3 fold law brought the hammer down with a thud, big time! That person was pulled back into line and thus taught that the 3 fold law (or Karma, x3) really does exist. The same can be said with `be careful what you wish for’ as you may well get it! In my early work I found that out, not really realizing the power of intention I put behind my spell, but I guess it was the Universes way of proving to me that it works, and it does!!
I will be writing a post about circle work for spells and magic for those who wish to know about it. I used to do all my magical work within a full blown circle ceremony, but I now know I can bring circle up around me and do my work with no props if I wish and it is still as powerful.
Remember the Magic is within you, you are the source of all your Magic and you are a wonderful human soul and so long as you stay true to yourself and the Wiccan Universal law, your life should be truly wonderful. Believe in yourself, the Magic resides within you……. always.
Take care.
Blessed Be.