Witchcraft, some say, has been around in some form for almost as long as man has inhabited the earth……. The Craft (as it is sometimes referred to) has been misunderstood and cruelly judged for hundreds of years; even in today’s more enlightened times, there are still those who fear and misunderstand the religious life choice that is known as Wicca (Witchcraft).

Yes we have all seen the scary movies and heard the horrid stories of witches and what they can do to you…….. But anyone who is truly interested in the `real’ art of witchcraft will know it is nothing like the stories of the wicked witch of the west! (So to speak).

I too, once felt a slight shudder in my spine at the word `witch’, that was until about 15 years ago a friend of mine that I had known for a long time, revealed to me that she was a white witch and had been for many, many years and I had no idea!

She didn’t act, look or resemble anything like what most people would think a witch would look like or be like….. in fact she was at the time in a high corporate job and well known; she called herself Wiccan Witch.

So this got me thinking about Witchcraft, and as most Wiccans/ Witches do a large portion of their ritual and spiritual work at night, it resonated with me and my love of the night and the desire I have always had (even as a child) to spend time outside at night under the stars and moon. I have always found peace and private comfort under the night sky when in troubled times and quite often found the answers I had been looking for.

So with all that said, I went out and purchased my first book on W/craft; this book was full of very down to earth, open and honest information that opened my eyes, mind and soul to the world of Wicca. One book led to another and then another; there are some wonderful authors out there that give an honest over-view of the craft and what it is really about. But then like everything in life, there are some authors that are a bit over the top and `out there’ and not so accurate. They can sometimes over sensationalise parts of the craft just for the thrill factor!

I hope to enlighten you to the gentle earth loving nature of witchcraft and its non-rigid and non -controlling religion of Wicca. Also about the modalities that make up the craft such as hand-fasting, witches, pagans, magic, rituals, circle casting, wiccanings, Covens, Solitary work, the Goddess and God aspect and much more.

I will endeavour to put forward honest and accurate information as I have come to know it on the craft and hopefully dissipate some of the old beliefs, fears and false judgements that have been bandied around since the dawn of witchcraft.

Please note; all information, suggestions and findings are purely my own and given as a guide only. They should be viewed with an open mind; only take on board the information that sits right with you and that which you find interesting. Please disregard all or anything that you don’t understand or that does not sit right with you or your beliefs. I do not wish to change or impede on anyone’s belief system or structure…

Witchcraft has stood the test of time and lives on in the hearts and souls of its followers and those who devote their lives to the Earth, Mother Nature and the Universe……

Blessed Be.