Wicca is classified as a religion that encompasses everything and anything earthly and beyond. Living Wicca for me personally, it is a religion/ life belief that gives you the freedom to express your thoughts and beliefs and to believe what you want, do as you wish so long as you are truthful, respectful and hurt nothing and no-one, ever. Wiccans (those who practice Wicca as a life choice) believe, follow and put into practice the Three Fold Wiccan Law and that is `do what you will, so long as you harm none.’ This includes the plant, ocean and animal kingdoms. The three fold law is in itself as effective as the Law of Karma, `that you do sow, so shall you reap!’ And trust me, it does come back three fold, or as some people say, “it came in shovel loads!” Do not interfere with another’s free will. Wicca is about being kind, understanding to all that is earth bound and Mother Earth herself; living your life as good as you can in the freedom to believe and practice the ancient religion of` The Old Ways’ without being enslaved to any controlling or rigid belief system.

Wiccans or White Witches dedicate themselves to the art of White Witchcraft whether they practice actual Witchcraft and spells or not. Wicca has been around since the dawn of time and practised well before Catholicism; that is in essence why the church hierarchy wanted Wicca (or witchcraft as they called it) outlawed and those who practised it banished, burnt at the stake or drowned; hence The Burning Times of the Middle Ages that seen an estimated 9 million people persecuted as witches and killed. All due to pure paranoia and the need to control those a little out of the ordinary, which were usually only practising herbalist and healing! It was much easier to declare them witches, hunt them down, confiscate their belongings and homes and send them to their deaths!

White Witchcraft has rapidly gained momentum in the last 20 years, but many Wiccans still feel the need to keep it under wraps or behind closed doors due to the ignorance of those who still see the craft as black magic. Sure, just like any religion or belief system, you will get your renegade bad eggs that will go against the Wiccan Law and practice black magic, hexing etc, but they are a small minority. Witchcraft isn’t what you see on television like Bewitched, Charmed etc; that’s not to say that spells can’t be performed because they can and yes they do work if you believe in what you’re doing, but be warned, be careful what you wish for as you may just get it!

Many Wiccans do practice white magic which is for the good of all, to help a fellow man, the earth, for peace, harmony, goodwill, love etc and there is nothing to fear from that! Most of us probably rub shoulders with a Wiccan in everyday life and would not know it; we don’t stand out in a crowd, we don’t go to church, we don’t preach to others, we don’t ask for contributions or even acknowledgement. All we ask is for the respect that anyone expects under any denomination or life choice or belief and not to judge that which you do not understand or have been ill informed of.

I have been blessed to know many wonderful Wiccans in my life and they truly are the most kind, honest, trustworthy, gentle people you could wish to have in your life. People Living Wicca has come thru the ages with many draw backs, persecutions, judgements and worst of all The Burning Times; beyond this continues to rise in popularity, renewed knowledge, reverence and love. May the Goddess be with you.

Blessed Be……